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Exercise: Strengthening and Toning the Body

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Getting exercise can be easy. It doesn't have to mean working out at a gym. It can be as simple as finding ways to enjoy yourself with outdoor activities. Walking and stretching are two of the simplest ways to stay fit.

Light exercise, proper stretching, combined with deep breathing helps you:

  • sleep better
  • elevate your mood
  • think clearly
  • improve your digestion and blood circulation
  • improve and maintain excellent health

When working long hours, get up briefly, walk around and stretch about every half hour to hour. This helps your body refresh itself, prevents back pain, and will help you feel better and work more effectively.

Exercise Resources

  • Classical Stretch, Miranda Esmonde-White's 22-minute exercises for pain relief and healthful living
  • Exercise DVDs: See previews before you buy at CollageVideo.com

Benefits of Deep Breathing

Oxygen and the Lymphatic System

Effective deep breathing carries oxygen to all parts of the body and removes its carbon dioxide waste. Athletes needs oxygen so that their muscles will work properly. Scholars need oxygen to be able to concentrate and think. The best way to get plenty of oxygen is through deep, diaphragmatic breathing (taught in Yoga or by doing aerobic exercise). Shallow breathing may cause drowsiness, lethargy, clouded thinking and restlessness.

Many people are aware of the benefits of breathing correctly, but are not aware of breathing's relationship to the lymphatic system. Unlike the bloodstream which circulates by the pumping of the heart, the lymphatic system is stimulated by the muscles and through deep breathing. The lymphatic system maintains tissue fluid balance, defends the body against disease, and absorbs fats from the small intestine and transports them to the bloodstream.

For the best results, do what you can to breathe fresh air by getting outside or opening the windows.

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