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Restful Sleep

Flowers by Heidi Bosch Romano

Finding ways to get enough sleep to allow your body and mind to rejuvenate is an important goal in achieving good health and happiness.

  • Avoid stimulating drinks and activities at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Relax your body: do some gentle stretching exercises after a brief warm-up.
  • De-stress: write a list of the tasks you need to do the next day so that your mind will be free from worrying about them.
  • Quiet your mind: Focus your mind on deep in and out breathing.
  • Relieve tension: Start from head to toe, imagining that each part of your body is relaxing.
  • Achieve peace: visualize that you are in a peaceful setting, feeling, smelling and sensing the relaxing surroundings.
  • Block distractions: play relaxing music, nature sounds or white noise (such as a fan)
  • Unwind: read, listen to a relaxing book, or watch something soothing.

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