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Mind: Maker of All Things

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Everything you choose to do starts out as a thought in your mind. You live out the consequences of your choices on a daily basis, so why not focus your thoughts and actions in the direction that will benefit you the most.

If you aren't happy with the direction you're going, use your imagination to think about what it would feel like to be living a more enjoyable lifestyle. If that makes you feel excited, then start doing the research on what others did to succeed. Set short- and long-terms goals for yourself.

Only discuss your plans with trusted friends and family if you feel they will be encouraging and helpful. If you run into anyone who is not supportive, then no longer share anything further with them.

Keep a journal or mark off on the calendar goals set and goals reached. Seeing your progress will help remind you of how far you've come and will help keep you motivated.

Keep your mind healthy by getting enough rest, eating right, and keeping your stress in check.

Practice focusing on the people, situations and things you are grateful for. That will elevate your mood and help you feel energized and ready to take on the day.

Focus on what you want, rather than what you don't want. You can only build dreams if you spend time deciding what they are.

Spend time being creative or enjoying the creations of others you admire. The result is an automatic uplifting feeling.

Turn off the TV and Internet and open your mind. It's amazing how much you can achieve when you use your time constructively.

Spend more time working on your own projects rather than searching for ways others can entertain you. There's nothing like the satisfaction you get from a project you've dreamt of doing and have successfully completed.

You can achieve any goals you set and that your dreams can and will come true. Your never giving up and continuing to pursue your dreams is one of the most important keys to living a fulfilled and happy life.

Explore the world and life's possibilities. Settle only for the best that you can achieve, choosing only those things that bring you great joy and excitement.

Having enthusiasm for your life's dream and/or purpose fills your body with energy. It allows you to attract those people and things that you will need in order to manifest your desires.

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